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With sites supported worldwide from London, Paris, Milan, Warsaw through to Johannesburg, RTL knows how important it is to have hardware that can be relied upon in a demanding retail store environment, and that is fully compatible with RTL’s retail POS software.

Therefore RTL has selected a small number of brands known for enduring quality and reliability including;

Toshiba (point of sale)
Datalogic (handheld data scanners)
Honeywell (point of sale and handheld data scanners)
Microsoft (Surface tablets)
Apple (back office hardware, mobiles and tablets)
Dell (back office hardware)

"In the world of technology they are the company you can get some decent service from and are very helpful and do their best to do what is asked of them. It all comes at a cost but I guess everyone in this field does so better the devil you know!" - Vicky Devlin, Shaw & Hallas, Huddersfield

Shaw & Hallas