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The diagram above shows the sheer flexibility that RTL’s retail solution can offer you! You may have a retail business that simply has one or more stores. Fine! RTL’s retail management solution is perfect for dealing with all your requirements. But it is good to know that you can add other sales channels such as a web store at any time and manage them all from one “Back Office”!

Whilst maintaining one “Back Office” containing all the information and pictures about the products and collections you offer, as well as your customer records, you can sell through multi channels; in your bricks and mortar store, eBay shop, Amazon store or your web store, all whilst keeping your central stock records up to date, making sure that what you sell is actually available to your customer!

What’s the alternative? There isn’t! Imagine having to separately maintain stock records for each sales channel. That would be a nightmare and is bound to lead to disappointing your customers with “out of stock” sales costing revenue AND goodwill.

Maintaining just one database for all your retail sales channels is by far the best way of managing your business.

"A company that understands the shoe trade." - Michael Donaghy, Donaghy's, Banbridge