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RTL offers you an easy to use, yet powerful electronic point of sale (EPoS) software system, linked to equally powerful and easy to use stock management software.

At the core of RTL’s retail management solution is Microsoft Dynamics RMS which has some 60,000 users worldwide. Microsoft is poised to increase its marketshare in retail systems significantly and is therefore a sound and safe investment for any retailer who is serious about the retail management of their business.

RTL’s speciality is shoes and fashion, and have developed enhancements to the Microsoft product, and are now regarded as the leading provider in this vertical market.

Shoes and fashion merchandise add considerable challenges to retailers due to the multitude of variants of one product; different sizes, colours, width fittings etc.

With over thirty years of first hand experience in shoe and fashion retail, RTL has built the tools to help retailers manage collections and products in a way that immediately feels familiar to them.

Key functionality for retailers is the ability to report on sales, stock and orders, to help maximise sales and minimise markdowns. Ultimately, this is the reason for gathering all of that data at the point of sale and back office.

RTL’s reporting module lets you deliver reports of “Key Performance Indicators” automatically to your e-mail client’s inbox, feeding you vital decision making tools with minimal effort.

Whether you retail only through brick and mortar stores or through other sales channels, such as the web or Amazon, the basic need for proper reporting and stock management is equally as essential. That is why RTL’s offering is one of the most comprehensive systems available today.

For further information, please see our “Add-In” microsite with comprehensive and detailed demos and explanations.

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