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"If you want an EPOS system that is easy to work and understand and have a great support network you could not go wrong with RTL." - Vicky Alder, Macsamillion, Oxford

Macsamillion of Oxford
"Friendly helpful casual bunch! best support team I have encountered!" Lance Russell, Rieker, Market Harborough

Rieker Shoes
"It's an investment for the future!" - Lara Cooper, Unshoesual, Doncaster

"RTL is not just a helpful stock management tool , they are supportive in looking at other IT areas." - Graeme McKenzie, Mostyn McKenzie, Aberdeen

Mostyn McKenzie Shoes
"Good company to deal with, nice people who give you an honest and straight answer to your queries." - Gary Graham, Grahams Shoes, Dublin

Grahams Shoes
"Very professional and easy to use systems and help." - Susanna Monks, Angela Beer, Stockport

Angela Beer
"Very professional and supportive." - Leanne Jones, Baker & Clark, Llandudno

Simon Baker Shoes
"Catalogue system saves considerable amount of time and the system has a good reporting module." Ken Kingston, Kingston Shoes, Tipperary

"The only shoe retail system that works." - Chris Hart, Charles Ager, Coventry

Charles Ager
"RTL are professional, understand the business needs of their customers and up to date with latest technology and solutions for retailers." - Roy Burrows, Inventas, Reigate (software partner)

"RTL staff are very helpful and easy to get in contact with." - Alisha Shanks, Baker & Clarks, Llandudno

Simon Baker Shoes
"That a good EPoS system is vital as the foundation to build their business and if they went with RTL they would become part of a 'supportive family'.......(because that's what it feels like), great products, support and service and all done with a smile." - Maggie Sokolow, Unshoesual, Doncaster

"Great relationship so far. (since 1998) A good understanding of the Footwear trade, were quick to develop add-on's particularly when RMS was launched where there were shortcomings in the reporting function of same and last but not least very friendly and caring attitude towards their customers. Like a family gathering last Thursday!" - Noel Fahy, Fahy Shoes, Cashel

"I would tell them that RTL, using the software (RMS) should be an essential and integral part of your company. It provides structure for your business, helping to identify key areas. The information and reports accumulated can used to build a framework so you can excute your business more efficiently and implement ways in which to improve and create growth. RTL provide access to great training, technological support & assistance, and oppportunties to develop your knowledge and skill base." - Gayle Johnston, Urban Orchard, Holywood Co Down

Urban Orchard
"A friendly and approachable group of people with great customer service and knowledge base." - Virginia Bielefeld, Robin Elt, Malvern

Robin Elt Shoes
"Forward looking company with add ons that make RMS easy to use especially within the Omni channel with excellent reporting." - Mike McNiven, Inventas, Reigate (software partner)

"In the world of technology they are the company you can get some decent service from and are very helpful and do their best to do what is asked of them. It all comes at a cost but I guess everyone in this field does so better the devil you know!" - Vicky Devlin, Shaw & Hallas, Huddersfield

Shaw & Hallas
"RTL are real experts in the shoe industry and they have adapted Microsoft Dynamics RMS perfectly for this vertical." - Rod Barlow, K3 RSG, Birmingham (software partner)

"RTL are a very friendly and helpful company to work with." - Amy Bradley, Bells Group, Buxton
Bells Shoes
"I trust that you are providing the best service plus you're all really nice people to deal with." - Justin Mansfield, Wards Shoes, Matlock

"RTL understand the retail aspect of things very well and have everything you need in terms of EPoS, reports and online selling." - Johnnie McKillen, McKillens, Ballymena

McKillens Ballymena
"That RTL is always updating its system, the reporting is outstanding - would help any business big or small to take them forward." - Elizabeth Fry, Shoes 22, Porthcawl

"Professional and efficient." - David Lawton, Rieker, Market Harborough

Rieker Shoes
"A company that understands the shoe trade." - Michael Donaghy, Donaghy's, Banbridge

"If you are a shoe or fashion retailer wanting an epos system, then RTL's forward thinking, software and service are second to none." - Rob Duckenfield, Baker & Clark, Llandudno

Simon Baker Shoes
"A superb team of support people. Easy to deal with, efficient, friendly and of course most importantly very knowledgeable." - Edward Martin, Bells Group, Buxton

Bells Shoes
"RTL has a good stable POS system which is well supported in relation to queries that we the retailer might have. RTL is also aware that technology is changing business & the consumer and so that needs to be integrated on how we work." - Simon Lumb, Friary Shoes, Lichfield

Friary Shoes